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Do you get blue emails?

Posted in : Silly O'clock quotes

Apparently I do

Please note : Some participants names have been obscured to protect the innocent :|

Just spent about a week making a new template for my companys newsletter. Guess what? CSS is hardly supported by email clients, both on and offline. Notably gmail, which has nearly no support at all.
So I have to redesign the whole thing in tables. AAAAAAARRRGHHH!!!
So there are times when tables still have to be used.

'Die Tables Die' indeed!
yabba_hh: unlucky
yabba_hh: I suppose this isn't the time to tell Ed that all my emails are "plain text" only, so shit like "my comments are in blue" tiotally fail?
tuxnus: which is why i italicized them
tuxnus: (for the color-impared)
yabba_hh: and you managed to do that in plain text by ....... ?
tuxnus: well, yer a moron
yabba_hh: lmfao
tuxnus: read (a most unusual character)
tuxnus: unique
yabba_hh: uhuh
tuxnus: odd
tuxnus: eccentric
tuxnus: weird
tuxnus: obtuse
tuxnus: cryptic
tuxnus: one of a kind
yabba_hh: as opposed to "of course italics will work if plain text format is all his client accepts and he can't see my colour"
tuxnus: I thought they would
yabba_hh: fuckin' muppet
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