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Replace user and reboot

Posted in : Silly O'clock quotes

One more nail in the "I'm blonde" coffin

BOFH: umm
BOFH: i hate to ask this
BOFH: lol
BOFH: but YOU dont have a fw blocking that, right?
Muppet number ### aka "me": well, it wouldn't surprise me, but fairly sure I haven't
Muppet number ### aka "me": mainly because it connects
BOFH: no
BOFH: its the high port
BOFH: im reading this'
Muppet number ### aka "me": ohhh, hmmm ...
BOFH: and my box is set up properly for active connections
BOFH: "The FTP server attempts to make connections to random high ports on the client, which would almost certainly be blocked by a firewall on the client side. "
BOFH: they assume
BOFH: lol
Muppet number ### aka "me": heh, fuck me, yep I'd enabled stealth ports on my firewall
Muppet number ### aka "me": worst is, i remember selecting that ages ago
BOFH: no worries, I do that crap all the time
Muppet number ### aka "me": heh, where do I send the bucks for such soothing of mind?


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